American Metalcraft Full Size Chafers

We carry American Metalcraft French fry scoops ideal for high volume, fast-paced venues like commercial restaurant kitchens, buffets, fast food establishments, banquets, catering companies, or bars. At Restaurant Equipment Solutions, we have the French fry scoops you're searching for, available in various sizes - a perfect option for commercial restaurants that serve large numbers of guests.

French fry scoops are available with different features for your commercial establishment, whether a restaurant, a downtown pizzeria, or a catering company. Even better, these French fry scoops are manufactured by one of the most trusted brands in the food service industry.

Whatever your restaurant or grocery store needs, we have the perfect fryer baskets for you. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our helpful Restaurant Equipment Solutions specialists at 1-877-236-5780.

  • American Metalcraft 9
  • American Metalcraft Full Size Chafers 6
  • Full Size Chafers 6
  • American Metalcraft Chafer Food Pans 1
  • American Metalcraft Chafer Stands 1
  • American Metalcraft Chafer Water Pans 1
  • Chafer Food Pans 1
  • Chafer Stands 1
  • Chafer Water Pans 1
  • food pan 1
  • water pan 1
  • 9 qt 2
  • 9 - 16 quarts (2-1/4 - 4 gallon) 1
  • rectangular 8
  • roll top 6
  • stainless steel 7
  • copper plated 1