Smoker Ovens

While we all love the taste of tender meat slow cooked in a smoker, a barbeque smoker is just not practical for most restaurants and catering businesses. That is why so many rely on commercial smoker ovens from Restaurant Equipment Solutions, specialized cook and hold cabinets that slow cook and smoke the food within at a low heat using real wood chips for that authentic smoky taste while retaining flavor, moisture and tenderness. These units are electric and mobile, making them easy to add to your existing kitchen or your catering equipment.

Our commercial cook & hold slow cook smoker ovens are perfect for catering operations, restaurants looking to add some smoky flavor to their menu, or high volume facilities that are serving food all day and even all night. Our selection has a wide array of makes and models to best suit your needs, with features like nine full size hotel pan capacities, programmable controls, double decker models with separate smoking chambers, and more, all from trusted manufacturers such as Alto-Shaam.