Executive HYGEN(TM) Telescoping Handle, extends from 42" to 72", quick-connect

Item # RBMD-1863882

Quick Connect Dusting Wand, 20" flexible wand, 28-3/4" O.A.L.

Item # RBMD-FGQ85000BK00

Executive 22" HYGEN(TM) Multi-Purpose Flexible Microfiber Duster and Frame

Item # RBMD-FGQ85200WH00

Duster, adjustable 30" - 42", lambs wool

Item # RBMD-FG9C04000000

Lobby Pro(TM) Wet/Dry Cleaning Wand, black

Item # RBMD-FG9M0100BLA

Replacement Sleeve, 22-3/4", for #Q850 flexible wand

Item # RBMD-FGQ85100GR00

Executive 22" HYGEN(TM) Multi Purpose Flexible Microfiber Duster

Item # RBMD-FGQ85300WH00

Hygen(TM) MF Flexi Frame Dust Mop, green

Item # RBMD-FGQ85600GR00

Executive 11" HYGEN(TM) Microfiber Flexible Flat Mop, Single Sided

Item # RBMD-FGQ86100WH00

Hygen(TM) MF Flexi Frame Glass Mop Cover, split nylon/polyester blend microfiber, blue

Item # RBMD-FGQ87100BL00

Hygen(TM) MF Flexi Frame Scrubber Mop Cover, split nylon/polyester blend microfiber with

Item # RBMD-FGQ88100YL00

Hygen(TM) MF Flexi Frame Damp Mop Cover, split nylon/polyester blend microfiber with zig zag

Item # RBMD-FGQ89100BL00

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