1 Ounce Shot Glass


Endeavor 3.7 oz. Espresso Glass

Item # LIBB-15733

Espresso Glass, 3-3/4 oz., stackable, DuraTuff, Endeavorâ„¢ (H 3"; T 2-3/4"; B 1-3/4"; D 2-3/4")

Bolla Grande 1-7/8 oz. Glass Shooter

Item # LIBB-5109

Shooter, 1-7/8 oz. (H 3-1/2"; T 2"; B 1-3/8"; D 2")

Gibraltar 4-1/2 oz. Mini Rocks Glass

Item # LIBB-15248

Rocks Glass, 4-1/2 oz., DuraTuff, Gibraltar (H 3-1/8"; T 3"; B 2-1/8"; D 3")

2 oz. Fluted Shot Glass

Item # LIBB-5126

Shot Glass, 2 oz., fluted (H 2-7/8"; T 2-1/4"; B 1-3/4"; D 2-1/4")

1-3/4 oz. Tall Stackable Shooter Glass

Item # LIBB-923179

Shooter, 1-3/4 oz., plain, stackable, glass, Restaurant Basics (H 3-1/2"; T 1-3/4"; B 1-1/4"; D 1-3/4")

2-1/4 oz. Series V65 Shooter Glass

Item # LIBB-11110722

Shooter Glass, 2-1/4 oz., Series V65 (H 2-3/4"; T 2-1/4"; B 1-1/2"; D 2-1/4")

4-3/4 oz. Series V140 Rocks Glass

Item # LIBB-11126021

Rocks Glass, 4-3/4 oz., tall, Series V140 (H 4-3/8"; T 2-5/8"; B 1-1/2"; D 2-5/8")

Bolla Grande 1-3/4 oz. Spirit Glass

Item # LIBB-155

Spirit Glass, 1-3/4 oz., Safedge rim guarantee (H 4-1/8"; T 2"; B 1-1/2"; D 2")

1 oz. Tequila Shooter Shot Glass

Item # LIBB-1709712

Tequila Shooter Shot Glass, 1 oz., glass (H 3"; T 1-1/2"; B 1-1/8"; D 1-1/2")

5-3/8 oz. Tequila Shooter Shot Glass

Item # LIBB-1787386

Troyano Shooter Glass, 5-3/8 oz. (H 5-3/8"; T 2-3/8"; B 1-7/8"; D 2-3/8")

Shot Glass, 2-1/2 oz., square, glass

Item # CARD-19188

Shot Glass, 2-1/2 oz., square, glass, Arcoroc, (H 2-7/16"; T 2-5/16", B 2"; M 2-5/16") (6 inner packs of 12)

Hot Shot Glass, 1-1/4 oz., glass, Arcoroc

Item # CARD-21554

Hot Shot Glass, 1-1/4 oz., glass, Arcoroc, (H 2-3/4"; T 1-3/4"; B 1-5/16"; M 1-3/4")

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