Restaurant Ranges W/ Hot Tops Only

No matter the style food or the class of restaurant, soups, stews and broths can be found on almost any menu. Flat top ranges are perfect for being able to simmer large and small pots alike for long periods while also making moving and rearranging them on the hot top quickly and easily. The flat top means that there's nothing for your pots and pans to catch on while being moved, and we carry confugurations with burners of all sizes so that these units can handle everything from a slow simmer to searing and stir-frying.

Whether you're cooking a flavorful broth, a hearty stew, or pan searing a choice piece of meat, we have the right piece of equipment for you! Our selection has units with up to three hot tops, french pate configurations, integrated hot warning lights, and convectio oven bases, all manufactured by trusted companies such as Southbend, Vulcan and Garland/US Range.