Restaurant Ranges W/ Hot Tops & Griddle

For restaurants that specialize in burgers and breakfast fare, a griddle is just important as a good set of burners. A good griddle needs to be the right thickness, produce consistent heat, and be easy to clean, and it doesn't hurt if the burners are in a flat top configuration for fast transfer of food and pots/pans. That's why we carry a wide range of griddle and flat top commercial restaurant ranges in different sizes and confugurations, ideal for busy diners and breakfast/brunch venues.

Whether you're cooking up hash browns and eggs for the morning rush or burgers for the late night diner crowd, we have the right piece of equipment for you! Our selection has griddle plates up to 24" long and an inch thick, 18" hot tops, and built in thermostats, all manufactured by trusted companies such as Southbend, Imperial, snd Garland/US Range.