Restaurant Ranges W/ Griddle & Charbroiler

Must haves for almost any diner, burger joint, or breakfast venue are a griddle and a charbroiler. The charbroiler is perfect for grilling consistently cooked meats and veggies with a touch of smoky flavor, while a griddle provides th even heat and large surface area that is ideal for preparing all of your breakfast staples from eggs and bacon to flapjacks and hash browns. That's why we carry a wide range of combination griddle and charbroiler commercial restaurant ranges!

Most restaurants whose menus rely on the griddle and charbroiler also have a high volume of cudtomers, which is why a dedicated charbroiler and griddle unit is optimal, especially when dealing with limited hood space. No matter what the demands of your restaurant are though, we have the unit for you! Our selection has systems with up to 16" charbroilers and 24" griddles, built in thermostats, cast iron grates, and open burners, all manufactured by trusted companies such as Southbend.