Rapid-Cook High Speed Ovens

Commercial rapid-cook high speed ovens are an amazing piece of cooking technology that combines multiple types of cooking into one unit that can prepare fully cooked, delicious meals in heretofore unheard of times. By using multi-stage cooking that utilizes radiant heating, convection heating, microwaving, and impingement heating, these systems rapidly heat and cook food, able to fully cook a pizza in as little as three and half minutes and toast subs and sandwiches in less than 30 seconds. And the compact size of these machines and the use of a catalytic converter in many of them means that they take up a small amount of counter space and don't need a hood to safely operate.

Whether you're a trendy sports bar serving your customers' favorite pub grub, a busy sandwich franchise toasting subs or a diner feeding a hungry late shift, Restaurant Equipment Solutions has the right commercial rapid-cook high speed oven for you and your business. Our selection has units with a wide array of features to ensure we have the right one for you, such as programmable timers, compact models, side and bottom hinged doors, and up to four stage cooking, and more, all from trusted manufacturers such as Turbochef and ACP.