Range-Style Restaurant Ovens

While you typically see radiant heat and convection ovens in restaurant kitchens as part of a range, we carry commercial range-style restaurant ovens for when you're looking to replace the oven in your current range or just for when you need to do more baking and roasting. These units come in what most think of as a "traditional" oven configuration, and many can be stacked or have ranges installed on top. They work through radiant heating and/or convection heating, and come in both gas and electric models.

Whether you need these units for a busy food service facility in a school or hotel, a popular local staple restaurant, or a trendy fine dining spot, our commercial range-style restaurant ovens have the features and design that you need. We here are Restaurant Equipment Solutions carry a wide selection of units with options such as combination convection and radiant heating models, porcelain interior finishes, double decker's, range match designs, and more, all from trusted manufacturers such as Imperial and Garland.