Proofing/Retarding Cabinets

For bakeries that have a high volume, distribute their goods to grocery stores and other vendors, or that cater large events, a commercial proofing & retarding cabinet is a versatile piece of equipment. We carry a varied array of proofing/retarding cabinets at Restaurant Equipment Solutions that allow you to not only proof doughs but also to thaw frozen doughs and to keep doughs from rising until they are ready for proofing and baking. With the timer functions you can even set the cabinet to be in retarding mode until the dough within is thawed and to then switch to proofing mode to active the yeast in the dough.

Your business could be a bakery operation that sells through grocery stores throughout the city or a deli that fresh bakes their bread, either way we have the right commercial proofing/retarding cabinet for you. Our selection of cabinets includes features such as two-section units, roll-in designs, automatic refrigeration to proofing systems, and more, all from trusted brands such as Doyon Baking Equipment.