Portable Outdoor Fryers

Not all businesses have the luxury of always cooking from the same kitchen, and whether you run a food cart, do business at fairs and farmer's markets, or run a catering company, you need a reliable, efficient and portable commercial outdoor fryer. Whether you're frying up fresh caught shrimp for a wedding appetizer or county fair favorites like deep-fried Twinkies and Oreos, a commercial portable outdoor fryer that's easy to move, easy to clean, and that reliably fries hot, crispy and flavorful food is essential. With that in mind, we carry a wide range of commercial portable outdoor fryers!

You can be manning a small food cart that serves hordes of hungry workers at lunchtime or running a large scale catering operation that feeds hundreds or anything in between, no matter the size and scope of your business we have the commercial portable outdoor fryer for you! Our selection has units with two tanks so that you can use different types of oil or fry different foods separately without any flavor contamination, propane and natural gas models, millivolt thermostats, four fry basket capacity, and up to an 65 lb. fat capacity, all manufactured by trusted companies such as Crown Verity and Magikitch'n.