Heavy Volume Microwave Ovens

When you have a high volume of food that needs to get heated or reheated fast, a domestic or even lower wattage commercial microwave just won't cut it. That's why Restaurant Equipment Solutions has a wide selection of commercial heavy volume microwave ovens for the busy diner, hotel, restaurant, or cafeteria. These models have a heavy duty construction, high wattage, and extra cooking and heating features that make them incredibly versatile and a must have for any busy kitchen.

Whether you're defrosting a meal or some meat, reheating soup, or steaming vegetables or even shellfish, we have the right model microwave for you! Our selections has units that have wattages up to 3500, adaptable voltages, programmable memory pads, multi-stage cooking, steamer functions, and more, all from trusted manufacturers such as ACP and Panasonic.