Heated/Refrigerated Cabinets

For caterers and kitchens that need equipment that can adapt to any situation, we have plethora of heated and refrigerated holding cabinets. These units have one or more temperature controlled chambers for holding food at a set temperature, keeping it fresh and ready to serve. Unlike other holding cabinets, these ones can be set either heat or refrigerate food, and in some cases they can do both!

Whether you have a restaurant with a varied or frequently changing menu or run a busy catering service where every job has different demands, we here at Restaurant Equipment Solutions have the right heated and refrigerated holding cabinet for you! Our wide selection includes models with features such as dual-temperature controlled double cabinets, mobile and stationary units, 20 tray capacities, and more, all from trusted manufacturers such as Continental Refrigerator, Traulsen, Victory Refrigeration, Dinex, and Carter-Hoffmann.