Glass-End Merchandisers

Showcase Cakes and Pastries Elegantly with a Glass-End Merchandiser

Glass-end merchandisers are perfect to display bakery items like wedding cakes. These glass display cases come with either wire or glass shelves and are refrigerated to keep your baked good looking as fresh as possible. Our units are also available in multiple exterior finishes, to match any decor.

Glass-end merchandisers often feature a rotating circular shelf system which grants the customer the utmost vision to the product in the display case. Typically, glass-end merchandisers are used for the display of cakes and pastries. Our glass-end merchandisers are made by trusted manufacturer, True Refrigeration.

If you're in search of a glass-end merchandiser to display your goods, look no further. Have any questions? Contact our helpful Restaurant Equipment Solutions specialists at 1-877-236-5780.