Gas Countertop Fryers

No matter what style of cuisine your restaurant specializes in, there's a better than good chance that some of it requires frying. You may need a fryer for fish and chips, samosas, doughnuts, wantons, fried chicken, or a smorgasbord of other dishes, but no matter what you're preparing you need a fryer that can heat oil and fat to a high temperature very quickly and with accuracy so that you don't over or under cook your dishes and can get that crispness that we all love in fried foods. With that in mind, we carry a wide range of commercial gas countertop fryers!

Whether preparing Asian, southern, American, Indian, or any other style of cuisine, we have the right gas countertop fryer for you! Our selection has units with dual fry pots, thermostatic controls, built-in timers, and up to 30 lb. fat capacity, all manufactured by trusted companies such as Star, Garland/US Range, Globe, Toastmaster, and Frymaster.