Full Height Mobile Heated Holding Cabinets

Full height mobile heated holding cabinets are a vital part of any high volume commercial kitchen, whether in a restaurant, hotel, facility, or catering setting. Heated holding cabinets keep food warm, fresh and moist while it waits to be served, controlling the environment within the holding cabinet chamber and protecting the food from outside contamination. The mobility of these units makes them particularly useful for kitchens that specialize in catering or banquet events, allowing for easy, on the spot access to fresh hot food for your servers no matter the location.

No matter the size of your kitchen or catering company, we have the right full height mobile heated holding cabinet for you! Our selection here at Restaurant Equipment Solutions has an array of makes and models with features such as 36 pan capacities, electronic controls, magnetically locked doors, adjustable slides, and more, all from trusted manufacturers such as Metro, Carter-Hoffman, Cres Cor, Vulcan, Cambro, and Hatco.