Electric Steam Generators

Commercial electric steam generators are heavy-duty units made to hold steam kettles. These allow you to customize your commercial steam kettle for the capacity and output that your business needs, producing the right amount of steam at the right temperature to keep your foods warm at safe serving temperatures. And because we here at Restaurant Equipment Solutions know that not all businesses come in the same size with the same needs, we carry a selection of different makes and models of commercial electric steam generators.

These commercial electric steam generators are ideal for restaurants that prepare a lot of stocks, broths and stews, catering services, and high volume facility kitchens such as those found at schools, large hotels and correctional facilities. To ensure that you find the right commercial electric steam generator for your business we carry a wide selection of options that includes automatic blowdown, modular design, and more, all from trusted manufacturers such as Blodgett Steam, Southbend and Cleveland Range.