Electric Conveyor Ovens & Impinger Ovens

Commercial electric conveyor ovens and impinger ovens have a conveyor belt that moves food through the oven, cooking it for a set period of time under the internal heating elements before moving it further down the conveyor and out of the oven. This allows for the easy and efficient cooking of dishes in a steady stream that doesn't require constant oversight and labor for switching out food from the oven. Impingement ovens take this process a step further by having jets of hot air inside of the oven chamber that disperse the halo of cold air that surrounds food, allowing for quicker and more even cooking.

If your business is a high volume facility that is producing the same types of food back to back for several hours, then an commercial electric conveyor or impingement oven is essential. Whether you need a unit for cooking breads, desserts, pizza, or any other fare that is in high demand, Restaurant Equipment Solutions has the make and model for you; and since these units are electric, a hood may not be necessary depending on your local ordnances. Our selection has a wide array of options such as triple deck designs, multi-phase cooking, floor and countertop models, and more, all from trusted manufacturers such as Lincoln Food Service, Turbochef, Star, and Hatco.