Electric Bakery Deck Ovens

While every skilled baker knows that a bakery deck oven bakes the most enticing and delicious bread products, not every baking venue has the hood space or fixtures for a large gas powered baking deck oven. Luckily, we here at Restaurant Equipment Solutions have exactly that, a solution! In this case it's in the form of our range of commercial electric bakery deck ovens, which typically aren't required to have a hood. Another advantage over gas models is that electric bakery deck ovens can easily set and hold different temperatures in each oven chamber, allowing you to cook a meringue in one at 150 degrees and delicious loaves of artisanal bread in another at 425 degrees.

So whether your business is a small but busy deli, an artisan bakery, or a high volume franchise, we have the right commercial electric bakery deck for your business and it's needs. Our selection has a wide range of models and options such as stone hearths, quadruple deck models, stone and steel deck plates, built-in proofers, and more, all from trusted manufacturers such as Doyon Baking Equipment, Lang, and Garland.