Dual Pressure Floor Model Steamers

When a regular steamer just can't get the job done, that's when it's time for a commercial dual pressure floor model steamer. Like other commercial steamers, these units use steam to cook the food within the chamber. In a normal environment, steam rapidly loses its heat and condenses. But a pressure steamer completely seals the cooking chamber and increases the pressure within, allowing for there to be more steam particles at a much higher temperature. The end result is that commercial floor model dual pressure steamers reach much higher temperatures and can cook food much, much faster than a typical restaurant steamer. But you can cover all your bases by using a dual pressure floor model steamer in which one or both chambers can be pressurized, allowing you to steam some dishes normally and pressure cook others at the same time.

It doesn't matter if you're a busy surf-n-turf restaurant on the beach, a popular fine dining spot, or a busy kitchen for large hotel or facility, we have the right commercial dual pressure floor model steamer for your kitchen at Restaurant Equipment Solutions. We carry a wide selection of makes and models for steam cooking, whether you're cooking up fresh Maine lobster, pork for dumplings and stir fry's, or a heaping helping of veggies. Our units include features such as manual controls, dual compartments, gas and electric models, and more, all from trusted manufacturers such as Southbend.