Corn Dog Fryers

The range of deep fried concession and fair food has grown exponentially, one of the original and still most popular items is the corndog. And while you can use a standard floor or countertop model fryer to make them, doing so presents a number of obstacles and difficulties. Thankfully, there is the commercial corndog fryer, with specially deigned skewer clips and fry vats specifically for creating tasty food on a stick. And with that in mind, we carry a selection of commercial corn dog fryers.

While you can of course use a commercial corn dog fryers to make their namesake, they are perfectly suited for deep frying any food with a skewer, from battered shrimp and veggie kebabs to deep fried Twinkies. No matter what deliciousness on a stick you're preparing, we have the unit you need! Our selection has units with up to an 87 lb. fat capacity, gas and electric models, 12" skewer depth, and more, all manufactured by trusted companies like Gold Medal Products.