Convection Floor Model Steamers

Commercial convection floor model steamers combine two very effective forms of cooking food, convection heating and steam cooking, into one appliance. They work like a conventional commercial steamer but have the addition of a convection fan or fans in the steam chamber to circulate the air, allowing for a quicker and more even cooking of food at a lower temperature. This not only reduces labor costs but also energy costs as well; and just to make sure you can maximize your energy savings we carry both gas and electric models so you can make the choice that is most effective for you.

These commercial convection floor model steamers are particularly useful for restaurants that specialize in seafood and busy hotel and facility kitchens that have a high volume of customers. The rapid cooking with no chance of burning allows your kitchen to steam a large volume of food that comes out consistently well prepared. Our selection at restaurant Equipment Solutions has a wide variety of features such as dual compartment models, eight pan capacities, timer controls, and more, all from trusted brands such as Southbend, Blodgett Steam, Market Forge, Cleveland Range, and Vulcan.