Combination Steamer/Steam Kettles

Commercial steamers and pressure steamers are the best way to prepare an array of dishes, from seafood to veggies and even breads; and commercial steam kettles are the best way to make soups, stocks, broths and stews, as well as a surprising variety of other foods. But making room for both in your kitchen can be difficult, not only because of space issues, but also because of fixtures and energy expenditure. That's why we here at Restaurant Equipment Solutions have a assembled a collection of commercial combination steamers and steam kettles, so you can have the best of both worlds in a system that fits your kitchen.

These are ideal for almost any restaurant or style of cuisine, but are particularly suited to high volume businesses or facility kitchens such as those found at schools, hotels, and correctional facilities. By combining the steamers and steam kettle into a single unit, you save on water and energy usage without compromising your food production capacity or food quality. Our selection of commercial combination steamers and kettle steamers include units with features such as dual kettles, five pan cabinet capacity, dual cabinets, and more, all from trusted manufacturers such as Southbend, Blodgett Steam, Market Forge, and Cleveland Range.