Chair/Table Levelers

Chair and Table Levelers

We have all gone out to a restaurant only to be sat at a wobbly table or in a wobbly chair. No matter how hard you try not to be, you are distracted by it, which in turn distracts you from your delicious meal. Then you've eaten at the cool new restaurant in town and don't even remember how your food tasted because of that wobbly table.

At RES ®, we know this is not the experience you want your customers to have. That is where our Chair and Table Levelers come in and save the day. We offer Chair and Table Levelers from FMP, Tablecraft Products and BK Resources. These furniture glides may be used for chairs, tables or shelving units. Take a look at our options on this page and select the Chair and Table Levelers you need. Give us a call with any questions at 877-236-5780 and let us help your guests be as comfortable as possible!