Built-In Warming Drawers

For quick access to hot foods that your restaurant goes through in high volume such as breads, rolls and buns or tamales, commercial built-in warming drawers offer the ideal solution! We carry a range of built-in warming drawer models at Restaurant Equipment Solutions that keep any food you place within warm and fresh at a controlled, safe-serv temperature until it's ready to go out to the customer. The drawers and built-in design means that these units can make good use of limited kitchen space and will protect any food within from outside contamination.

No matter if your business is a bustling bakery, Italian family restaurant or a busy taqueria, we have the right built-in warming drawer system for you! Our wide selection includes features such as three drawer units, thermostatic heating controls, 8 dozen roll capacities per drawer, and more, all from trusted manufacturers such as Hatco, Roundup, Toastmaster, and Wells.