Commercial Grade Flatware – What You Should Know

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You can tell a lot about a restaurant or eatery by the flatware on the table.  Is it patterned?  Shiny? Does it bend?  Is it heavy or light? Are there rust spots on your butter knives? Let’s explore all of the options that restaurant managers need to know when purchasing flatware for their table settings. We’ll look at weight, stainless steel types and some popular flatware patterns from major brand names in commercial flatware. Weight You know what it is like when you pick up a fork or a spoon that is substantial. It’s heavy. It doesn’t bend. That might […]

Commercial Mixers Buying Guide

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Commercial mixers are named for the way they mix.  Once we determine if a mixer is a planetary, spiral, or vertical cutter mixer, we then have to determine where it is going to sit in the commercial kitchen.  The options are either the bench mixer, floor mixer or the smaller stand mixer. Let’s define all of these mixers and perhaps help you determine which one is right for your commercial kitchen, bakery or restaurant.   Mixer Types The mixer type is defined by how the mixing occurs.  If the agitator of the mixer is the actual moving part and the […]

Reach-In Refrigeration Buying Guide

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Reach-In Refrigeration Overview Refrigeration is one of the most, if not the most, important elements in a kitchen. Having a smoothly operating refrigeration system enables all other parts of the kitchen to work efficiently. The reach in refrigerator is ideal for most food service establishments; however, it is important that your reach in refrigeration system is optimized for your specific kitchen needs. Door Sections When deciding on what reach-in door would be best for you kitchen, first think about how much space you have available that can be dedicated to a refrigerator. Be sure to measure the space available and […]

Commercial Ice Machines – Ice Ice, Baby!

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Nearly every restaurant, commercial kitchen, concessions stand, bar, deli, coffee shop, food truck, hotel and hospital needs an ice machine.  Bar none.  In many cases, you need more than one and perhaps an ice bin to hold your ice. What determines the right ice machine is the type of ice you need and how much ice you need in a day. Let’s take a look at those options. Ice Types Ice type is something to consider, based on how you intend to use ice.  There are several types of ice an ice maker can produce, including crescent style, bullet style, […]

Commercial Shelving Buying Guide

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Shelving Overview Space is a valuable resource in all kitchens and the management of space must be handled carefully to maximize kitchen efficiency. Often times there just is not enough space in a commercial kitchen to store everything from equipment to tableware and utensils. However, through planning and utilization of the right shelving system this issue can be properly handled and create a more smoothly run operation. Style We provide shelving units in both open-wire and solid styles in a number of different finishes and materials for each. Open-Wire Shelving Excellent for a cost effective storage solution. This style is best […]

Chafing Dishes – Presenting the Buffet

Banquet, buffet and catered events all rely on chafers to present their foods to the adoring and consuming crowd.  Chafing dishes can tell a lot about the company who choose it and certainly there are many functions of chafing dishes that make it the right or wrong one for your company.  So we’re going to go through the different aspects of chafers too help you determine the right chafing dish for your needs.  We’ll take a look at the shape, the sizes, the cover types, the heat source and the finishes to help you decide what kind of impression you […]

Commercial Food Processors Buying Guide

OK. So a commercial kitchen does not have to have a food processor to prep foods or puree soups.  A chef or prep cook can use other appliances already in the kitchen, like blenders.  They can painstakingly chop vegetables very small by hand.  They can grate whole blocks of cheese with traditional cheese graters.  Or shred a large amount of potatoes the old fashioned way.  Or knead small amounts of dough.  They can, they just shouldn’t.  The true worth of a commercial food processor is time saved.  It is truly a versatile tool whose sole purpose is to increase efficiency […]

Commercial Pizza Ovens Buying Guide

There are four main factors to consider when purchasing a pizza oven for your commercial pizza kitchen: space or area for an oven, what you pizza output is (volume), what kinds of pizza you bake and price. Let’s take a look at three types of commercial pizza ovens and determine which is right for your commercial pizza kitchen.   Countertop Pizza Ovens Perfect for space savers, these ovens have a lower production capacity than other types of pizza ovens.  What you gain in space, you give up in output. These small sized ovens are ideal for concession stands, convenience stores, […]

Commercial Kitchen Scales Buying Guide

It’s about portion control.  It’s about making sure you receive all of the weight controlled items you pay for. It’s about ensuring your sell exactly how much you think you sell.  Those nickels and dimes add up very quickly in your food supplies bottom line.  If your kitchen had the right scales, the poor portion control would nearly disappear.  So let’s look at the different types of scales and their functions. Digital Portion Scales The digital portion scale is intended to assist in portion control by quickly and accurately measuring portions to be cooked (precook weight) or serving portions. The […]

Convection Oven Buying Guide

Convection Ovens

Convection Oven Overview The convection oven, also known as a European or fan oven, is one of the most utilized pieces of cooking equipment in commercial kitchens as it cooks food more quickly and more efficiently than a standard radiant oven, without sacrificing the overall quality of the product. In addition to this, convection ovens are versatile pieces of equipment, taking on the responsibilities of many roles in the kitchen such as cooking and baking. A convection oven is essentially a radiant heat oven that has a fan system that circulates hot air throughout the oven, which then produces a […]