Blazing Hot Smoked BBQ Wings

There are two foods in this world that are staples of any macho diet (and those of many ladies as well): hot wings and barbecue. Combine the two, and you've reached a nectarous nirvana. Pair it with a night of football and some cold beer, and you'll probably shut out the world until at least Tuesday or Wednesday. Second only to brisket, chicken is one of the hardest meats to master when it comes to low-and-slow barbecue cooking. Unlike a nice hearty pork butt, the margin of error is tiny - run to the bathroom at the wrong time and you'll suddenly have dried out, overcooked chicken. But the time investment is substantially less, and the payoff is big: tender, juicy, delicious chicken wings. For this recipe, while we decided to keep the heat on the fire low, we cranked up the heat on the … [Continue reading]