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Q. Do you sell to individuals or restaurants?
A. We market to restaurants but are happy to sell to both individuals and restaurants. While we do carry products that are suitable for both commercial and residential applications, individual consumers must be aware that some products such as ranges designed for constant heavy duty use in a restaurant do not have insulation that is typical on residential ranges. This presents an increased risk of burns to children, pets and adults as well as an increased risk of fire. Commercial ranges installed in a residence may void the manufacturers warranty, or may in some cases void the home insurance. Products designed and identified as residential are not designed to stand up to the rigors of constant use in a restaurant. Use of residential products in a restaurant, catering or other commercial foodservice application may invalidate the warranty from the manufacturer. It is the consumers responsibility to understand the warranty, insurance and proper installation and application of products purchased.

Q. How soon am I charged after placing an order?
A. When you first complete the checkout process on the website a sales order is generated. Your credit card has not yet been charged. We review orders to verify availability, confirm shipping costs, phone numbers, compatibility between items ordered and other pieces of information the manufacturer needs. If adjustments are needed, or if questions arise, you will be contacted by a representative. If no adjustments are needed, the order is released for shipping from either our warehouse or from the manufacturer and the credit card is simultaneously charged with the shipping release.

Q. Why was my card charged even though my items haven't shipped?
A. We have thousands of items in stock and available to ship the same day we invoice the order and charge your card. Other items not identified as In Stock are charged when we release the order to ship to the manufacturer as we are then liable for the expenses involved with the order.

Q. Where's my tracking number?
A. When possible we email the tracking number to you as soon as it is available to us. For orders that are being shipped directly from the manufacturer to you we contact the manufacturer to retrieve the tracking details. We rely on the manufacturers to get updates, tracking, stock information, etc. For orders that must come to our warehouse before shipping to you we provide tracking once the order ships from our warehouse and the carrier has generated the tracking number for us.

Q. It's been several days why hasn't my order shipped?
A. Orders typically fall into one of five categories for shipping.

  • Items that are in our warehouse identified by In Stock next to availability typically ship within a day or two from the time the order is placed.
  • Most items not in stock are drop shipped directly from the manufacturer to you. Many manufacturers do a fantastic job of processing orders and shipping quickly from a warehouse full of items, but this still adds one or two days to the ship time. We do our best to monitor and share typical shipping lead times with you for each manufacturer as indicated by the Availability. For a product that indicates Typically ships in 1 to 2 days, this means that it will be 1 to 2 business days before your order ships from the manufacturer, not 1 to 2 days before it reaches your destination.
  • Some items are assembled from available parts after the order is placed with the manufacturer. This is common with larger items that have many different options for configuration.
  • A few items have to be fabricated by the manufacturer. These items tend to be the unusual size, color, voltage, etc that are not commonly purchased. While it may not be pleasant to wait for the item to arrive, rest assured that we released the order to the manufacturer as quickly as possible and no matter who you purchased this particular item from, it would take the same amount of time for the manufacturer to fabricate and ship. We are happy to assist you in selecting a similar product that may be available in a shorter time period if time is critical for you and do our best to notify you prior to committing the order with the manufacturer. These items typically can not be cancelled once production has begun and no return is allowed by the manufacturer or us.
  • A few manufacturers are not set up to ship directly to the end user. We know that this approach is in contrast to the current method of doing business in most industries and we don't like it any more than you do. Not only does it delay getting the product to you, it also increases the total cost because of shipping and handling. We can be just as frustrated when an item manufactured in California has to be shipped to our warehouse in Birmingham Alabama and then shipped cross country to a customer in California. The number of manufacturers maintaining this old style approach to business are growing fewer and fewer with each passing year and we do our best to get the product to you quickly because of our high volume we do place orders frequently with each manufacturer we represent.

Q. Why can't you guarantee shipping dates?
A. We do not guarantee things outside of our control. We promise to process your order expeditiously and release it for shipping quickly. We are also happy to assist you in determing if a particular product may reach your destination in the time frame you need it in by checking our inventory, contacting manufacturers to check their inventory and even searching for alternatives that we may have in stock in our warehouse. We are happy to assist customers meet their needs for getting products urgently, but invariably run across the individuals that place an order for something at 11pm on a Friday night they need Monday morning. We are unable to assist individuals with extremely tight time frames and recommend they locate the product locally available for pickup. In rare cases we have identified other dealers local to the customer that may have the item in stock. Remember, while your business may be open 7 days per week, our suppliers and freight carriers operate Monday through Friday only. Our website is available to you 24/7/365 but we are able to process orders and work with suppliers Monday through Friday only. Any estimates are business days only (Monday - Friday).

Q. Can I expedite shipping?
A. We do not offer expedited shipping because we cannot control the processing procedures of the manufacturers. If we are made aware of a deadline that you are trying to meet, we can make a request to the manufacturer to attempt to get it faster, but it will not be a guaranteed rush. If there is ever a question about a deadline or timeline, you may need to call and speak with one of our representatives directly. We can then get in contact with the manufacturer to check stock and processing times BEFORE the order is submitted. For repeat customers and items we have in stock we are happy to assist with urgent and emergency requests by speaking with a representative over the telephone. No expedited orders are accepted through the web site.

Q. Do you ship internationally?
A. While many of our shipments eventually reach an international destination, we ship within the United States and Puerto Rico only. We are happy to ship to the US address of a freight forwarder of your choice with payment arrangements made between you and the forwarder. We are not responsible for any damages occuring on shipments that you did not review and notate on bills of lading prior to signing at the freight forwarder. Freight shipments to AK, HI and PR are made only within the continental US to a freight forwarder arranged and paid for by the customer.

Q. What payment options are available?
A. All transactions occur in US Dollars. Payment is accepted by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, check and wire transfer. When paying by check, orders will not be released for shipment until the check has cleared the bank processing. We recommend checks be sent via UPS or FedEx so you have tracking and confirmation of delivery. Please include the sales order number with all checks. A $30 transaction fee is added to all orders paid for by wire transfer.

Q. Why wasn't I told about a backorder when I placed the order?
A. For items that are unusual or not frequently sold we do our best to confirm availability prior to releasing the order for shipping and charging the credit card. For common items that we do not stock we anticipate the manufacturer having sufficient inventory to fill orders in a timely manner, and we call to get your tracking information once the order has been in the manufacturers hands for two business days. We will make you aware as soon as we find out there is a problem, and we will even take the steps to identify alternatives to meet your needs. If your need is extremely time sensitive, make a note in the area provided during checkout or call one of our professional customer service representatives. They are happy to check availability and seek out alternatives that may better meet your needs.

Q. I am only getting an estimate for my shipping. Why?
A. We have a very sophisticated website and it links directly with UPS and several freight carriers to obtain estimates for shipping costs. We do rely upon the manufacturer to provide us the actual weight and dimensions of products as both of these impact shipping costs. We also rely upon the manufacturer to provide the freight class for items shipping freight. While most manufacturers do a great job at providing accurate information, there are times that the actual shipping cost is different and we will let you know and get your agreement prior to releasing the order for shipping and charging your credit card.

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